Are all patches from new kernels applied? KernelCare applies only the security patches. Sometimes they might decide to apply patches for... Can I force KernelCare to update? To overwrite the 4 hours automatic updates use the command PHP kcarectl --update. If you are... Can I see what kernel is running on my server? Yes you can, you can use the following command: kcarectl --uname, it's basically the same as... Can I see what patches have been applied? To see what patches have been applied to your kernel, you can use the following command kcarectl... Does KernelCare work with 3rd party drivers? Yes, KernelCare will work with 3rd party drivers. The drivers itself will not be updated. Error: was already used for trialing on... The IP was already used for trialing on 2014-05-01 This means you have already used a... How can I check the version? You can check the KernelCare version by using the following command kcarectl --info. Example... How can I disable auto updates? You can disable the KernelCare auto updates by editing the following file: nano... How can I un-install KernelCare? You can un-install KernelCare by using the following command: yum remove kernelcare. I'm replacing Ksplice do I need to reboot? No reboot is needed just un-install ksplice with yum uninstall ksplice. Install KernelCare You can use the following command to install KernelCare: RPM based system (Centos): rpm -i... Is Kernelcare OpenVZ compatible? Yes, OpenVZ is supported by KernelCare. What is KernelCare? KernelCare is a service that provides important updates for your running kernel, removing the... What is the OpenVZ issue? If you have a openVZ you will have exclude=kernel* in your yum.conf use the following command to... What kernel's does KernelCare supports? KernelCare supports the following kernels: CentOS 6 RHEL 6 CloudLinux 6 OpenVZ for x86_64... When does it check for updates? KernelCare checks for updates every 4 hours. Will KernelCare work on 32bit servers? Sadly KernelCare has no plans for 32bit kernels at this moment in time.
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