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High quality CDP backups by R1Soft

R1Soft CDP (or Continuous Data Protection) is recognised as the industry leading commercial backup software in the web hosting industry. Powering over 250,000 servers worldwide and maintaining full compatibility with both Linux and Windows makes R1Soft the fastest, most reliable and scalable backup platform for your business.

Linux and Windows Support

cPanel Plugin

InterWorx Plugin

Does not impact performance


R1Soft is a fully-featured backup solution for your business. Below, you can see just a few features that makes R1Soft great.

R1Soft Central Manager

The R1Soft Central Manager is the main control panel you will be using to manage R1Soft and all your agents. You can see all the backup space, policies, schedules, and more in just one place.

Control Panel Friendly

R1Soft plays nicely with just about any control panel in the market today. This includes but is not limited to, cPanel, Interworx, Virtuozzo, Plesk and DirectAdmin.

Easy Restoration

R1Soft makes restoring files a blessing, you can restore the few files from the backup or restore them all. If your server crashes and breaks, you can restore a Bare-Metal restore which restores the server right down to the Operating system.

Data Retention Policies

R1Soft is flexible. Set how often you would like your backups to run and how many copies of each you'd like to keep then let R1Soft handle the rest. Older backups will be merged and the space recycled, automatically.

Pricing / Order

A simple one plan, one price model for a premium CDP backup agent, R1Soft.

R1Soft Agents

What's included

  • Instant Activation*

  • Latest Version of R1Soft Agent

  • Upgrades from R1Soft

  • Free Support from LicenseCart

  • Free Install Assist

  • cPanel Compatible

  • Interworx compatible

  • Virtuozzo compatible


per month

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are 'Physical Agents'?
Physical Agents is simply another term for a dedicated server which will be licensed to use the R1Soft CDP backup software. Each dedicated server would need it's own physical agent.
How much do agents cost?
Each agent is billed at a flat rate of $14 per month (both physical and virtual servers). For example, if you had 2 dedicated servers and 1 VPS you would be charged $14*3: $42.
What are 'Virtual Agents'?
A Virtual Agent is another term for a virtual private server or VPS which will be licensed to use the R1Soft CDP backup software. Each VPS would need it's own virtual agent.
Can I add/remove agents at anytime?
Yes! Simply create a ticket with our billing department stating the number of physical and/or virtual agents you would like and we will take care of the rest for you.