Interworx Licenses

The smart, scalable and reliable control panel.

Interworx is just not any regular control panel, with high availability and clustering options it was designed for your small - large website.

Interworx comes with 3 flavours out of the box, NodeWorx for you and your resellers, SiteWorx for end users and NodeWorx CLI!

Clustering & High Availability

Developer Friendly

Integrates with billing systems

Advanced SSH/Terminal CLI


InterWorx is not just a control panel. InterWorx is your friend for scaling from 0 to 100

Centralized Hosting Management

NodeWorx is a one-stop interface for setting up and managing your hosting business!

One-Click Backups

Regular backups should be a core part of every website owner's routine, and with InterWorx, creating backups is easy.


Clustering multiple servers together allows you to scale your offerings to meet the reliability and availability demands of modern web applications

Simple Hosting Management

SiteWorx provides an exceptionally user-friendly and uncluttered interface for website owners to manage their sites and other hosting services.

Pricing / Order

The smart, scalable and reliable control panel.

VPS Lease
per month
Dedicated Limited
per month
Dedicated Unlimited
per month
Server Type
VPS Server
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server
Account Limit
35 Accounts
Cluster Enabled
CPU limit
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many websites can I create?
On the VPS and Dedicated Unlimited packages, you can create unlimited websites. The Dedicated Limited is limited to 35 websites.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my license?
If you need to upgrade/downgrade your license please contact our billing team. In some cases, a new license will have to be issued.
When will my license be activated?
Most orders are activated within 1-3 hours though we kindly ask you allow up to 24 hours for activation.
Can I reissue my license?
Yes, you can set your new servers IP address within the client area which will then be tied to the license.