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The all-in-one web hosting billing system.

Blesta is the powerful, open source all-in-one billing system for web hosting providers. Being designed as a modular system, you can easily enable and disable aspects of Blesta to suit your businesses needs.

Blesta is 99% open source meaning the sky is the limit! Get your Blesta license from LicenseCart for as low as $8.95 per month.

  • Manage Billing & Support
  • cPanel Integration
  • 99.4% Open Source
  • Fully Modular Based

Pricing / Order

Say goodbye to WHMCS's $479.40/year price tag
And enjoy Blesta for a fraction!

Branded Leased $8.95

per month

Unbranded Leased $9.95

per month

Branded Owned$150


Unbranded Owned$170


Instant Activation

Latest Version of Blesta

Support from Blesta

Upgrades from Blesta

Addon Company

$4.95 per month $4.95 per month $4.95 per month $4.95 per month

Software Licensing Addon

$95 one time $95 one time
Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
Branded Leased$107.40


Unbranded Leased$119.40


Instant Activation

Latest Version of Blesta

Support from Blesta

Upgrades from Blesta

Addon Company

$4.95 per month $4.95 per month

Software Licensing Addon

Order Now Order Now


Blesta is not just a billing system.
It is an all-in-one, autopilot enabling management software.

Modular Based

Don't like or don't need a specific feature? Simply click the disable button and it is gone!

Automated Billing

Automate client provisioning, suspension and terminations with tight control panel integrations.

Handle Support

Provide great support with Blesta's inbuilt help desk or replace it with your own with a mere 2 clicks.

Open Source

Blesta is completely open source so you can be sure your developers will love it! The sky is the limit with Blesta.


Purchasing your Blesta license through LicenseCart enables you to not only our support team but also Blesta's. It is like they say, two is always better than one. Our help desk is available 24/7 via live chat, tickets and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to renew an owned license?

Each license includes 1 year of support and updates from the date of purchase. You can optionally renew this for $39 per year (works out to be $3.25 per month).


Can I upgrade from leased to owned?

Yes, you can. You would want to order an owned license and then replace your current within the Blesta admin area. Once done, you can cancel the leased license.


Do you provide a free trial?

Blesta includes a 30 day, no obligation trial. To claim this simply download the software from and complete the install process. You can upgrade to a paid license at anytime.


Can I get support from Blesta?

Of course. As a license holder, you're entitled to support not only from LicenseCart but also directly from Blesta. Enjoy the best of both worlds with two support teams backing you.

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  • Mike works like a robot, reply you almost at any time as if he doesn't need a rest! Friendly and efficient! Determined and responsible! ;)


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  • Thank you for Michael Dance from Licensecart / Blesta, for being Good Support to help me install Interworx on my new server

    M.M Billy

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    Steve Tozer

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  • Great support! always answered on time when i open a ticket. btw, i buy owned blesta from here :p its very cheap yeah

    Ariq Naufal

  • (@blesta) A huge thank you to @Licensecart for all of your kind support and assistance! It is greatly so appreciated.


  • Big Kudos to @Licensecart for their recent sale, and being proactive about informing me about an issue! #custserv

    Nick Perkins

  • Fast, and polite support. Would recommend to any one looking for a license.

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