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Our R1Soft licenses are manually provisioned, this may cause a delay in the delivery of your license. We hope to make this an automatic process soon.

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R1Soft Agent


R1Soft Central Manager

The R1Soft Central Manager is the main control panel you will be using to manage R1Soft and all your agents. You can see all the backup space, policies, schedules, and more in just one place.

R1Soft agents work on Windows or Linux, and most environments: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange support, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSe, VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, XenSource, Virtuozzo, KVM & including most custom Linux kernels.

R1Soft Index
R1Soft InterWorx

R1Soft control panel plugins

R1Soft connects with most of the most popular control panels, InterWorx, Plesk, Virtuozzo, cPanel and DirectAdmin, this allows your customers to log into to their backup manager and restore backups using their control panel login details.

This means less support tickets for restoring backups, and gives your customers that extra piece of mind that they won't loose any important files when they use your shared hosting.

Easy to restore

R1Soft makes restoring files a blessing, you can restore the few files from the backup or restore them all. If your server crashes and breaks, you can restore a Bare-Metal restore which restores the server right down to the Operating system.

R1Soft doesn't just backup files, it also can archive them and even backup MySQL Databases. So if a database gets corrupt or broken you can simply just restore the database tables which are corrupted or restore the whole database.

R1Soft Restore

Why choose R1Soft for backups?

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