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Our LiteSpeed licenses are manually provisioned, this may cause a delay in the delivery of your license. We hope to make this an automatic process soon.

LiteSpeed offer a free 15 days trial to give it a spin before you buy...


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Get started within 10 minutes

LiteSpeed has two simple installation set-ups, you either choose to install the control panel Plugin (cPanel) or install LiteSpeed via the SSH after a few simple questions.

wget -N

Fast installation
Realtime Stats

Real-Time Stats

In the LiteSpeed web console you can see real-time server stats in a tidy report, this allows you to monitor your system with ease. You can any anti-DDoS blocked IPs, your server uptime and more.

You can even pull the stats straight from your SSH client:
curl -i http://localhost:7080/status?rpt=detail
curl -i http://localhost:7080/status?rpt=summary

WebAdmin Console

LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console is the administration area for LiteSpeed if you aren't using a LiteSpeed control panel plugin. It allows you to do everything from checking the server uptime, setting up LSPHP and even perform common tasks.

Inside the WebAdmin Console you can access the Services Manager, which acts like a control room for managing your server. You can access it by going to Actions then Service Manager.

WebConsole Homepage

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