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Import with Root access:

Head over to: NodeWorx > SiteWorx > Import > Mass Account Transfer

And select your control panel, we're going to use cPanel for this tutorial. So we select cPanel.

If the SSH Port is not 22 you need to put the IP:Port in the hostname field. eg:

Password: Root password for the cPanel server.


Import without Root access:

Make a full backup on cPanel, then move it from outside the public_html inside it so you can get it.

on your InterWorx SSH: cd /home/

curl -O

Then head over to: NodeWorx > SiteWorx > Import > Import Single Account > Next >

Reseller ID: Reseller infromation
Local Backup File: /chroot/home/backup-11.2.2013_22-24-43_username.tar.gz
Control Panel Type: cPanel
Assign IPs Manually?: Manually assign IP Addresses for this import
Database server: LocalHost

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