Billing System

Did you know? Do you pay $39.95 for WHMCS a month? Swapping to Blesta Owned saves you $440 a year, that's a whopping $4,404 a decade!

Blesta offer a free 30 days trial to try their software before you buy...


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Only install what you need

Blesta ships with a wide variety of modules, gateways and plugins for you to use if you need them, anything else can be deleted or just un-installed, so you can use Blesta the way you want to.

You can upload and install paid and free third-party extensions as-well so you can make Blesta even more personalised.

Available Modules
Addon Companies

Multi-Company support

Do you manage two or more companies? Are you tired of updating them all one after each other, why not use one installation for all of your companies which you can update all at once?

That's what the guys at Blesta thought, and you can buy a multi-company addon for a one time $99 each for owned licenses or $5 per month for monthly licenses. How much is your time worth?

Blesta has 99.4% Open Code

What's a billing system if you can't extend it to your requirements, add and remove code you want and don't...? Need a small fix, you can fix the problem before a patch is out. Security is Blesta's first priority and it should be yours too.

As Blesta only encodes the 3 files which is required for licensing it means you can develop your own custom modules, plugins and gateways you need to make Blesta feel more of your own, and you can also see the code in the core to help you find out how things work.

Blesta Open Code


Take Blesta to the next level, turn the plain Blesta design into a work of art...
Customise your own menu, create your own blog, provide pages to customers in their own language & much more...

Pre-made Themes

Pre-made Themes

Just starting out your business and want your billing system to look like your website, Licensecart has done some pre-made integrations for Blesta used on the most popular designs on ThemeForest for only $5 each.

If you are also on a tight budget we also have some free pre-made Integrations you can download instead. All the paid pre-made themes work with the BlestaCMS plugin so you can use just Blesta.

Compare features

Monthly Branded Monthly Unbranded Owned Branded Owned Unbranded
Instant Activation
Latest Version * *
Multi-Company $5.00 $5.00 $90.00 $90.00
Re-issue from the client area
Our experienced support
Jam packed Knowledgebase
Access to Beta(s)
Price $7.80 $9.00 $140.00 $170.00

CubeData's FraudRecord Plugin

Tired of fraudsters or annoying spammers? We know that feeling, we now use CubeData's FraudRecord plugin. This replaces the normal fraud checking system for Blesta, however we highly recommend this, because FraudRecord's database is full of web hosting companies helping each other to stop fraud orders.

As-well as using the FraudRecord's API, this plugin also uses BlackDot's VPN / Private network IP scanner, this feature prevents un-wanted fraudsters and spammers trying to hide their IP address to make orders. We now offer this plugin to our customers for $7 a month or $100 one-time.


Jawanet was founded in 2012 by Hendra, in the beautiful Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They specialise in web-hosting, creating unique and modern website templates.

Jawanet also creates custom Blesta integrations as-well as their custom templates.

All Jawanet themes are compatible with the BlestaCMS plugin.

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