Licensecart's cPanel recommended setup

After installing cPanel you are welcomed with the "Feature Showcase" with recommended options, but what do we recommend as the options we believe are best for you? We recommend the following:

Recommended Features

  • cPanelID: Disable (Because this allows social networking accounts to be hacked and bypass security).
  • cPHulk: Username-Based Protection for local requests: Enable

New Features

  • PHP-FPM Service for cPanel: Disable
  • Make document roots in the public_html directory? Disable
  • ModSecurity: Enable
  • Passive OS Fingerprinting: Disable
  • Query Apache for “nobody” senders: Disable (Old) -:- Prevent “nobody” from sending mail: Enable (New)
  • cPanel Reset Password: Enable
  • cPanel Subaccount Reset Password: Enable
  • SMTP Restrictions: Enable

Please note this is what we use when we install cPanel, and are what we recommend please use what you feel is best for you.

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How can I activate my paid license after a trial?

You can do this by running this command: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt in ssh.   [[email protected]