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-Locating the task schedule ID--

  • Download the following script to a safe location on the Backup Manager. 

  • Extract the script from the tar.gz 
    tar -zxvf delete-task-by-id-v5.tar.gz

  • Locate the IDs for the schedule(s) being removed.

  • Access the schedule list from the SBM at the URL below: 

  • Sort the list by Name and locate the entries similar to the following: 
    Disk Safe Verification (or Merge) Schedule for SERVER (where SERVER is the name of the policy)

  • Copy the IDs that correspond to Merge or Verification tasks that match the deleted policy.

  • Stop the cdp-server service: 
    /etc/init.d/cdp-server stop or service cdp-server stop

--Removing the schedule by ID--

  • Execute the script for each ID, using the format and example below: 
    <> <> <> <ID.of.task>

./ /usr/sbin/r1soft /usr/sbin/r1soft/data 02d444da-41a5-4730-b691-6e3327bde24d

Thanks to the R1Soft team for this fix.

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