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R1Soft Installation

Update the Server:
yum update -y

Install KernelCare - This allows you to keep updated:
rpm -i

You can check if KernelCare is installed by:
kcarectl --info

Time to sort the R1Soft repo out:
nano -w /etc/yum.repos.d/r1soft.repo

Paste in the following:

name=R1Soft Repository Server

Time to install R1Soft:
yum install serverbackup-enterprise -y

Next we need to set-up R1oft:
serverbackup-setup --user admin --pass r1soft!

Restart R1Soft:
/etc/init.d/cdp-server restart

You can now go to your IP / Hostname if you have set one up e.g.: http://ip-address/login.zul

After you have logged in click on Accept to agree to the EUL.

You can then start the 14 day trial or enter your paid license key you can get from our client area. Then you just need to set-up the Agents.

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