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How can I sell a product without a module?

To sell non module products on Blesta is easier than it may seem, you can sell Licenses, Office space, Magazines, pants whatever you need. We will show you how to set-up a module and then a package in a step by step tutorial in pictures, please click on them to make them bigger or you can watch our video on how to do it.

Firstly head over to Settings > Company > Modules > Available > Universal Module.

Now click on Add Product and follow bellow to set-up the Universal Module product. (This isn't a product on a order form but just for service and package information. We prefer using the Services section but the Product section is the same. The first box is always the Label.

Now we need to set-up the Package (The one where clients can click to order your products / services).

After this all you have to do is make the order form and select the package group you created at the bottom of the Package page (or select a already created group) and you are good to go.

Our Tutorial Video:

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