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Blesta upgrade on InterWorx?

So you would like to know how to upgrade your Blesta installation on your InterWorx installation?

We've done a step by step installation guide for our customers to make your life easier.

Download Blesta to your folder

cd /home/username/
curl -O

Move the files to the uploads.

\cp -rf ./blesta/* ./

Check the files and remove any which will conflict with your installation. We've listed a few below:

Routes file
rm -rf ./config/routes.php

Pipe from the Support Manager
rm -rf ./plugins/support_manager/pipe.php

Structure file for your theme
rm -rf ./app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt

When you've done the edits required, time to upgrade..

This gives the right permissions to the files
\chown -R username:username ./*

Let's backup your installation

cd ../
mkdir backup
\cp -rf ./* ./backup/

Now we're backup'd time to upgrade

\cp -rf ./uploads/* ./
php /home/username/ admin/upgrade

After you've checked everything remove the backup folder: rm -rf ./backup

cli uprgade

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