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KernelCare Patch information

With the command kcarectl --patch-info you can find out which security patches have been applied to your server from Kernelcare. And you don't need to need to reboot the server so you don't have any downtime and you can sit back and relax.

Did you know KernelCare sometimes releases patches before the vendors official patches come out giving you that extra piece of mind, and your business can keep on going without downtime.

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KernelCare's popular commands

The command kcarectl --info shows you the information about the KernelCare software you have on the server. If you are moving from KSplice you don't even need to reboot, just un-install it.

You can use the command kcarectl --update which forces KernelCare to look for updates, You can check the KernelCare version by using this command: kcarectl --version.

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