Current Version: 1.2.3


The BlestaCMS is a replacement for the CMS (Portal) included with Blesta. It allows you to make Blesta your website, with as many pages as you would like, and you can edit the menu and pages from the comfort of your Blesta installation.

The fun doesn't stop there, with our BlestaCMS Plugin you can also create your own blog, so you don't need insecure third party software like Wordpress or Joomla.


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CMS Code

99.6% Open code

BlestaCMS only has 4 files encoded for licensing purposes and the rest is open so if you need to do any custom edits for your own personal touches you can.

Our developer has left comments all over the code so if you can code you can see why that code was used & we have a jam packed docs which can be found at:

Custom Pages

With the BlestaCMS you can create and manage as many pages for your website as you want.

You will need to know some basic HTML to create and write your pages, unless you use a custom theme you can copy and paste the code provided and edit as you wish.

CMS Pages
CMS Blog

Secure Blog

Want a company Blog but annoyed with Wordpress monthly security patches? Worried about being hacked or tired about using another software for just the blog?

BlestaCMS allows you to have your own company blog in a matter of minutes, with Blesta's security in hand you don't need to worry about that anymore.

Manage menu links

Ever wanted a custom menu for your website but want to keep the blesta navigation for the Blesta links? Now you can, with the BlestaCMS, you can create and manage your own navigation.

From the menu links, to drop-down menus, finished with a link you can hide the menu item, and soon you will be able to make links visible for logged in users only.

CMS Pages

True multi-language support

BlestaCMS has true multi-language support so you can reach customers in different countries / languages.

BlestaCMS Multi-Language
CMS Custom Menu

Customise Blesta

With the BlestaCMS you can customise Blesta to be your website without anyone knowing you are using Blesta to power it, well unless you have a branded version of course.

If you don't know basic PHP or Html, you can check out the free Blesta integrations, or you can check out the pre-made Blesta integrations. The Pre-made integrations all have a BlestaCMS version where the menu is already set-up. Some pre-made integrations have a custom blog too.

Freebie theme:

Thanks to our good friends at Jawanet, you can get their Material Blesta theme for free with every BlestaCMS order. (Worth $30.00) :heart_eyes:

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