All in a Package


What is All in a Package?

This is a full service we provide where we will Install, set-up Blesta to your requirements, Import from your current billing system if required and integrate your Blesta for a one off price.

This service may take less than 72-24 hours. A valid Blesta (non trial) is required.


Licensecart customers



Non Licensecart customers


What's included in the service?

We take care of everything for you, from transferring you to Blesta, setting up all you require and even integrating your Html / CSS design into Blesta. Some of our customers buy the upgrade service where we update Blesta for you for a year.

Product Price
Blesta Owned Unbranded $170.00
All in a Package $250.00
Licensecart Upgrade for a year $300.00
Total price $720.00
Instant Activation
Install the latest Blesta.
Configure Blesta to your needs.
Create new packages (If no Import).
Import from old billing system (If required).
Integrate your HTML template.
Session (Teamviewer) how Blesta works
Completed in 72 hours.

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